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Thread: Twister Free Music Without Riia

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    Twister is a free internet program to find and download MP3 and other music files.
    Twister uses the top search engines available today.
    Twister is compatible with the major music players such as Media Player, WinAmp and Sonique.

    Some of the features that make Twister your choice for downloading music on the internet:

    thousands of music files (MP3, real audio, ...)

    real-time verification of search results

    fast direct downloads

    built-in play list

    runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP

    easy as 1-2-3

    completely free

    no popup windows

    Search Page

    Download Page

    Play List Page

    Options Page

    Download Twister

    Read Users Reviews

    Zeropaid Reviews

    Note : I found some spyware too but the proggie seems to working without the shit too. ( using ad-aware 6 )

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    Basically just pulling in randam mp3s that r offered in various places online, right? It's not going to prove useful for getting albums, right?

    btw: Ur doing a great job bringing all these apps to our attention, SH. I for one appreciate it. Thanx.
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