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Thread: Flash Mx 2004

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    Is hard to use? Or another easy flash editor ? Cause i'm very newbie with flash.

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    swish max is very easy to use and can do pritty much everything flash 2004 can.

    if you do use flash mx when it opens go windows>library at the top and that will open every element of the movie

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    SH, I just started with swish and it looks a lot more promising than flashMX but if you just want simple logos for your site, try coffeecup firestarter from fosi. That's all I've been using for my originals. It's got real simple wizards and effects and a visual timeline that's ok for short projects.

    To modify others, I use Liatros binary explorer and Liatros flash editor along with a few other flash editors.

    Liatros will unlock the suckers nicely but it's a bit hard to do anything else with.

    These are done with coffeecup >>

    The size is wacky outside the parent page but it'll give you an idea.

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    i would recommend coffeecup firestarter too. Its by far the easiest of all the flash tools i've used. With a bit of imagination you can produce wonders with it.

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    Thanks but let me explain again.I have really to use flash templates can CofeeCup modify a ready to use flash ?

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    Not unless it has a .fire extension. It'll only create them. I found flash Mx wouldn't even work on a lot of those templates. Note pad might, or this one from emule >

    Flash Toolset Professional Ed 2-0.exe


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