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Thread: Slow Transfers

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    I dont know whats going on with my kazaa, the transfers are too slow.

    When i had the previous version of kazaa lite i could get 30kbps every time, and now that I installed the version 2.4.3 it's a miracle if I can get mora than 2kbps...

    Can someone help me here? thanks!

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    Try Jumping SuperNodes (File->Jump SuperNode).

    Connect to the fastest SuperNode for you. Use KaZuperNodes to find it.
    • Lunch KaZuperNodes
    • Click the 2nd icon in lower-left of the apps window
    • Wait untill KaZuperNodes have finished
    • Right-Click an entry and click Delete non SNs
    • Find a SuperNode with the lowest ping and double click it
    • Click Connect to new SuperNode (under New SuperNode sign, middle-right part)
    Change ports.
    • Lunch K-Lite
    • Go to: Options ->Kazaa Lite K++ Options
    • Click on the Firewall tab
    • In Incomming ports type a number from 1 to 65535 exept 1214
    • Click OK and restart K-Lite
    Find more sources for a download.

    Make a search for the file again, keep in mind that the outcome size has to be the same, and merge sources.
    • Lunch K-Dat
    • Right-Click and select the two files you want to merge sources
    • !!! Be sure that these files have the same outcome size, the downloads have to be of a same file !!!
    • Click Merge Sources
    • Select the old download and click on the [From->To] button
    • Click Merge
    • Delete the new download
    • Lunch K-Lite and start downloading.


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