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Thread: Emule

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    first off i dont know what a router is. I Thinks its the thing were it connects you to the internet. I have windows xp and everytime i log on emule it say i have a low id and i have serach on this forum and other places to see what the cause is and i thinks its the router thing. I dont Know whats the name of my router and how do you configure it? what programs i need. I have windows xp and i disable the firewall. I think my computer came with a router.

    My question is how do i find out what is my router name and how do i configure it to work with emule and what programs do i need to fix this situation. If its not to much can you help me out like one on one . Thanks for the ones that helped and tried to help


    Windows xp home edtion
    Compaq Presario
    248 MB Of ram
    Norton 2003 Anti virus

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    i believe routers split the internet connection up between a set of pcs. If this isnt the case for you, you wont have it.

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    i have two computer that use a dsl connection from sbc. Its the modem /broadband/ 2wire from sbc. I dont use the second computer because it dont work no more but i still have 2wire on my working computer ,so what do i do?

    ps thanks for responding ,most people just look at it dont contribute to help.

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    thanks Kab for the link , im kind of basic but how do i use this information with emule? what do i need to change my low id to high id?

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    k i dont have this router but i think i'll try to help

    type homeportal in your browser

    try to get to "firewall details"

    try to post some screenshots of how far you can get by pressing "printscreen" going to mspaint, pressing ctrl+v and saving it. uploading it to

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    i tried to paste it but that crtl +v dont work neither the other too. What i need to post it?

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    My Webpage this not my home pGE JUST A TESTBTO PASTE PICS

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