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Thread: Out Of Memory

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    once kazzalite 243 is loaded i get out memory message which keeps reappearing and i cant use it please help i have used kazzalite for years first big time problem

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    what exactly does the memory message say?

    have you tried reinstalling kazaa-lite
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    is used to say cant find dbb 256 and 1024 now it just says out of memory cause i deleted the dbb to reinstall

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    When using kazaa lite, my computer crashed! since then when i start kazaa it keeps saying 'out of memory' and keeps printing messages everywhere! i have tried uninstalling kazaa lite and installing it again but the same problem occurs!
    I have emptied my shared folder but the same happens!
    Lots of printed messages come up saying that kazaa can't open data256 in db folder i have deleted the folder register files and it still gives same message please help

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    Make sure that you have deleted the correct DB folder. See the FAQ for all possible locations of it.

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    thanks for that tip i had already deleted these files and no difference i reinstalled earlier versions i am now up to ver 2.1.0. build 3 without problems(so far)
    i still dont know why this happend in the first place if anyone knows please let me know i do like the tools with ver 2.4.3. thanks

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    i installed ver 2.1.0 build 3 so far no problems

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    So you came back with the old version, ha.


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