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Thread: Upload Bandwidth

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    How come some people on kazaa lite only have there upload bandwidth set to 1. even people with a 54k modem can set theres to atleast 16. i am on 600k and set mine to 128. what are other peoples views about this.

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    I set mine to 8000kB/s

    actually speeds.....varies..

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    I set mine to unlimited but it rarely goes above 28kb/ps and I'm on broadband!

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    The lowest you can set your upload bandwidth in K-Lite is 24 kbs, where did you get "1" from?

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    Ive found that to be quite annoying also....often when I find a harder to find, file it shows the source's bandwith @ 1 So I think, surelly this must be wrong! But alas if I try to D/L from them it MAY ( if at all) do so at ecruciatingly slow speed.
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    Everyone has their own discretion. Just set it at your own choice.

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    From the FAQ:

    This bandwidth value is calculated by how fast you have downloaded previously. So it is merely an indication of your bandwidth (or speed) which is based on the speeds of your previous downloads. So if you download fast once, you will see that the value has increased next time when you do a search.

    So this bandwidth is YOUR bandwidth.

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    So James_Bond_Rulez, are you going to explain how or where you found a script program to obtain the ISP and address information from my computer and the computers of other users too?

    I am behind a double-firewall, one on my Ethernet Card and the other on my ISP connection, yet your program can clearly see my computer.

    If you can obtain that information so easily, perhaps I shouldn't be downloading at all, because the RIAA must have access to far more sophisticated resources. --- And I know that Peer Guardian is foolproof either, since it can't contain up-to-the-second text lists.

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    i never share any files on k-lite
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