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Thread: How Doi Configure Zonealarm Pro To Work With Emule

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    Does anyone know how I can configure it to work with eMule?
    I can connect and search for files but when I try to download nothing happens. I think I need to open a port but I wouldnt know which ones to open.

    Help is great apprechiated.

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    try kerio. Its less problematic with emule than ZA.

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    There must be a way though to make it work with Zonealarm.
    Anyone know?

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    well first of all i would recommend you get overnet, having said that is your emule connnected?? if it is connected to a server then try searching and downloading some very old and popular files like van halen's "right now" and tell me what you get

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    In ZoneAlarm go to Firewall in "main" click on custom in "intrernet zone" scroll down to then highlite "allow incoming UDP ports" in the text box type 4672 click apply repeat for "outgoing UDP", then highlite "allow outgoing TCP ports" type 4242 or you can use some other port if you want ,click apply,repeat for "incoming TCP"

    Now you need to set these ports in E-MULE,click prefrences then "connection" in "client port" type 4242 or what ever port you chose for TCP in ZoneAlarm,make sure that UDP is 4672,click apply then ok and your done

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    I found that simple going to FireWall->Advanced and checking "Allow uncommon protocols at high security" works fine with ZoneAlarm free version.


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