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Thread: Resume Downloads

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    how can i resume downloads if my comp gets rebooted? i am using the original client v3.3

    thanks in advance

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    should resume, just select the same download spot or the folder it started in...get shadows or azaues or however its spelled

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    i dont get ya

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    I just save the torrent file itself into the same directory - right click save as.

    Then if I need to resume the download I just double click that. It resumes the download from where it was

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    Get TorrentStorm. You can use Shadow's latest Expreimental as the downloader version, but you also have a choice the 5.8.6 or the original 3.3 client to download torrents. It also has a load of extra features like using only one window for all downloads and it will save the torrent information until you ask to remove it, so you don't have to find the torrent hyperlink again if the download is interrupted.

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