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Thread: Extract Music Form A Song

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    Is there a way i can extract music from a song. I have searched google but it wasnt of much help


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    Minus one; you mean the accompaniment or the vocals.

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    The accompaniment. i just want to extract the background music.

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    Cool Edit Pro has alot of feautures - try there

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    Originally posted by Zedaxax@27 December 2003 - 04:05
    Cool Edit Pro has alot of feautures - try there
    Cool Edit Pro has been bought by Adobe and it is now called (renamed to) Adobe Audition:

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    This is really tough to do. A lot of times, it depends on how the final cd was mixed down. For Some cds, you can fade out the vocals pretty easily. On most cds, when you fade out the vocals, you'll fade out other parts of the music. I remember seeing a post on this several months ago, try a search. If I remember correctly, there was more info on doing this there.

    Good luck!

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    Why don't you just search for the Karaoke version of the song?
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    Try This

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    The Karaoke version will always be better.
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    Originally posted by wenze1@28 December 2003 - 20:13
    Try This
    I aint buying the program but i looked for it everywhere and i cant find it. Lemme no if any of you guys find it.

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