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Thread: Abu And Sciman

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    well i post another topic ago about gfx card and i narrow it down to a 9600 and a 9600 pro...

    i know you 2 got the 9600 so how does it runs games like halo? or any other gfx demanding games?

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    9600 runs halo on maxed settings everything high.

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    yea btu your card is a talking about regualr 9600

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    i dotn see more options in halo...but my mx runs it at all high...

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    can you guys tell me if this is a reg 9600 or a 9600se? its only 100 for 256mb while newegg list the 9600 as $110

    also heres another site that got the 9600 256 for under 100
    its a sapphire

    found them on pricewatch....can i trust them?

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    thats it, ive decdied to do what tnt did an got w/ a 9600xt and get hl2 free....i woulda had it free anywayz go p2p lol

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    1. halo works with everything on high on my card
    2. those links look phoney. check their reputation on
    3. 256mb ram is always a good thing, but then again, getting more ram but throwing out gpu power is also bad


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