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Thread: After Power Failure Can Find Avi File

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    can enyone help me after a power failure i cant find my avi file that was downloading at the time of power failure.eny help would be appreciated..

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    Their gone!

    When you're computer shuts down improperly while donwloading files using Kazaa, The files that were still downloading should be corrupt and therefore can't be used with Kazaa.

    When that happens you could still view the files that you were downloading but cant resume them. To do this you must not start Kazaa after a power failure because Kazaa will delete them. So cut or copy the files first to another directory and try to view them (This only applies to audio, video or images).

    Another suggestion is to back up your files regularly so that if that happens you wont have to start all over again.

    We also experienced power failure here in Cebu last night and lost almost all my files. It was a good thing that I had just made a backup copy 2hrs before it happend.

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    hi paulseth. thanks for the reply that sucks at least i will know next time


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