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Thread: Simcity 4 Start Up Issue, Please Help!

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    hi! please help. i have the deviance version and made 2 cds and everything is PERFECT! i installed it on one computer and used the crack without a problem...

    but the second computer (1.7 ghz p4 256 ram geforce4 440 go card), i install it with the same cds, same crack but when i run the program, it just goes to black for a second, then it goes to minimized mode and back to my desktop. i am running winxp. please help!

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    you could try updating your graphics drivers

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    i went to and updated to winxp drivers and also got directx 9.

    also... the sims does the same thing... it opens then minimizes immediately... like running in the background.

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    Maybe they are net to sun minimized. Right-click the icon and choose properties. In the "Run:" drop down menu, either windowed or maximized should be selected.


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