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Thread: Tired Of Downloading Fakes

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    You have searched on loads of sites and can't find a verified hash so decide to download one maybe two files of what you think you are getting and find some bugger had renamed some rubbish, well try this out.

    Search for the game/movie your after and start downloading them.
    Go into the Traffic field and click on the + to expand.
    Right-click on a user and select find more from user.
    Go back into the search field and find the file youíre downloading, by the size of file.
    Do this on about 10-15 users, or more if you desire.
    Is it still the correct filename or not?
    If not then you can see what it was originally called.

    If youíre thinking; well why didn't I expand the list of users in the search field before downloading the file and found this out?
    Because sometimes they can all come up with the same filename but when you actually start downloading the file Kazaa Lite will automatically try and find more of that file and may pick it up from a user who hasnít renamed it.

    I found this out yesterday when I started to download championship manager 4 and found two files which looked to be correct, but after doing this found out one was oni and other was publisher 2000 (over 50% had the original filename). Thread in Lounge

    Maybe this could save people time and not want to punch the screen after waiting hours, days or weeks for 56ís for a download to finish.
    Post your results or any comments and hopefully this might help a few fellow Kazaa Lite users.


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    If u are looking for recent stuff and in the expanded searchresult there's a name of something old then chances are that's not the file ur looking for.
    If u find like 20 users with the file u want and the files all have the same filename (and similar description) then that's probably the file u need.

    But I understand that 56k'ers aren't willing to take that chance with large files.

    I myself download first check later .

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    I'm pretty sure it's Pulp Fiction B)

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    Why not just expand the list in the search field, then scroll through the titles and filenames and see if any dont match up. It also helps if you read the yellow description box when your mouse hovers over a user.

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    And you'll develope a spider sense for fake downloads over time.

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    @ Sir Loki: I mean try this if you are searching for a movie/game which hasn't been released or just been released, because i know if you wait a few months you would get 100's of users with the file and by that time it would be verified.
    Example i was searching for Championship Manager 4 which hasn't been released yet but i managed to get Fifa 2003 last year a fortnight before it was released.
    Also people rename files before a release of a film/game and people would beleive them because it would be rare on kazaa at that time.

    @Shinigami: Have attached screenshots. In the first you can see that all the filenames have the same name and description but when you start downloading the file you find other users, so i search for more from a particular user you can see what the file was called originally.

    Thanks for the other tips i also check the list and descriptions before downloading any files anyway. Try this method but searching files which are rare.

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    You can always ask a person from who you are downloading!

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    Originally posted by markje@17 February 2003 - 23:36
    You can always ask a person from who you are downloading!
    sadly, most people have instant message turned off. or have an older version.

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    these tips dont always work i was just looking for eminems lose yourself and seen where 2273 people had this song. so i download it and guess what it wasnt it!

    finally after downloading 10 different file sizes i find the real one.

    2273 fucking people have a bullshit mp3 thats just stupid!!


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