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Thread: No Sound On Film

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    Ok all my files have audio except "Friday after next" which I just downloaded It's an avi file, any 1 got any recommended codecs or is it a problem with no cure

    Edit: It must have sound as windows media player trys to download a codec but cant find the right one.

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    Gspot codec information appliance will tell you the codec used for the file.find it and download the codec.also you can download kazaa codec pack available. it should solve your problem.
    i recommend you using gspot and installing only the required codec as with kaaza codec pack if all codecs installed from the pack.. gives problems with some players
    also you can use vlan or bs player they do not need separate codec installation.

    you can downlaod the above mentioned softwares from here.

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    When you install the KLite Codec Pack just go with the defaults as you can add others in later if necessary, then use BS Player to play files, or alternatively use Videolan


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