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Thread: Nasty Website?

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    I was reading one of my mate's AIM profiles Screenname>Get Info on AIM 5.2, I clicked on a link in her profile that led me to

    it apparently is some sort of virus or something but I cant track it down. When I tried to sign on today I get a message saying "Your buddylist and buddyicon are not currently availible but they are not lost." I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was and how to remedy it. Thanks!

    Heres a copy:
    Your buddy list and buddy icon are not available currently, but they have not been lost.
    Please try again later.


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    apparently it is not caused by that site...
    AIMs servers too be I believe...but ....
    That website was scary. If anyone has a safe browser (I reccommend not using IE go to, and u'll see what it says about spyware!! eep&#33

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    I googled the problem, and I think I came up with a solution its just like RealPhx virus, but the problem is that it is a virus, but i lost my blist i dont know if it is the same.

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    yah, its not that bad of a virus, just follow the directions on there page and it removes it..

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    DO NOT follow the directions on their page. it takes off the hting from your profile but installs other spyware. here, use this:


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