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Thread: Cdr Movies

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    is there a way to see movies on cdrs' in dvd players. i don't have a dvd burner either

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    yes. Use the forum search, and look for keyword "vcd". also, check out Tons of guides/info there.

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    Depends if the particular dvd player can even play vcd's or svcd's.
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    My DVD player can play SVCD and CD.

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    Originally posted by camille@22 December 2003 - 08:36
    My DVD player can play SVCD and CD.
    mine can play divX and Xvid

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    If it can&#39;t play vcd or svcd, then you can try to see if will play miniDVD&#39;s or even try to create a movie with full dvd frame size, but on a lower resolution using variable Bit Rate (so keeps more quality). All these formats can be used on CD&#39;s.

    If you didnt understand any of that, then dont bother


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