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Thread: Opening Kazupernodes

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    Every time I open kazupernodes in k-lite 2.4.3 Windows installer tries to install
    'Veritas Record now DX'. It's software I allready have installed on my comp so first of all it should'nt be trying to install it in the first place and certainly not when I'm just opening kazupernodes(1.4.6 testbuild,if that mathers)After clicking "dismiss" the supernodes app. does open perfectly so no problem there.
    But why on earth is it trying to install this?Did I make a mistake while downloading and installing k-lite???Is it a bug???
    How can I solve this (minor) problem?
    Preferably a solution without me having to install k-lite again.

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    I would say go to and get the new 1.4.7 version of Kazupernodes and use that instead.


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