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Thread: Is Kazaalite Working At This Moment

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    I Downloaded the program yesterday and I can' download anything, I keep getting a message that says "more sources needed" is something wrong with KaZaaLite,, or is it just me having the problem?

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    Yes,,,no,,, can anybody let me know please...

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    At the moment yes, and probably in the future too, But were not really sure thats why there working on a new one

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    Jul 2003
    There's no problem with my Klite as of now. Hope it wouldn't happen.

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    Originally posted by Wilbert@22 December 2003 - 06:26
    Yes,,,no,,, can anybody let me know please...
    at this moment it works.

    try it with some popular "old" music to verify that klite works for you too.

    if it doesn't, give us more info about your system.



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