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Thread: Sick Of Slow Downloads?

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    OK, firstly a quick RANT!

    -lemmie explain myself a lil

    while your uploading at 0.05kbs, someone on the other end is trying to get that file at the same time, at that speed... wait, back up;

    Say your putting file A onto the ft network, at that moment in time, your the only person to have file A.
    Lets also asume (for understandability) that everyone has 64k's upload and download
    You start shareing File A;

    Situation 1 (unlimited uploads)

    "Hey, this file is really popular"
    "look I've got 800 people trying to get this file"
    "aww, shame its only going at 0.01kbs"

    ...2 weeks later..

    "I've been trying to download this file for ages, but theres only one source for it, and its really slow"

    (after 2 weeks, there still isnt an increase in the amout of sources, or bandwidth making that file available)

    Situation 2 (limiting Uploads to approx 3kbs per user)

    "hey look, theres people that want that file"

    ...hour later...

    "I finished downloading this awesome file, now i'm going to share it"
    (file now, after only a few hours has more sources, therefore available bandwidth to distribute it to even more sources)

    in summing up;

    Limiting uploads makes more sources available quicker; ESP WHEN THE SOURCES ARE NEEDED

    limit your uploads to about 3kbs per user (ie, if you can get 2 users both with 3.1kbs uploads to them, limit your uploads to 2 users)
    -this way you can also limit you downloads fairly

    maybe somthing like this would be better if inforced at a programmers level?

    oh, just so you know, this is not applicable to any of the download networks that support partial download sharing (where you share parts of a file that you've already got, even if you dont have the entire thing)

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    Wanna get really sick? try emule....


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    just use bittorent.

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    Jun 2003
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    Emule is quite slow, I've found

    Bittorrent is alright, untill you get to the last bits

    I tryed shareaza, that was, okish, but doesnt have nearly the user base required for decent speeds on popular files

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    I quite agree this as been said before I have 30kps and only allow 3 to download at least its better than what I get most of the time 1.07 etc,1 point is some users are stronger than others so they get extra speed because unless you are going to sit they and police it how can you give all 3 the same speed.!!!

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    I have my uploads set at 3 and people get speeds from 15kb/s to about 8kb/s and some are less but i think those are the dialup people.I hate that crap when you try and download something and the person has it set to unlimited or high and you can tell because say for example the other day i was downloading some korn and out of 10 songs 7 were connected to the same user and the speeds were .03kb/s.and even when i paused 6 of them my speed went to only .08.That is so irritating..

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    added section: an hour later, oh fuck, it's a fake file!

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    holy shit??!? your telling me if people uncapp there upload..speed will go up?!?!

    fawkin n00bs

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    [b]HAHAHAHAHAH , dude thirs is Only one way to get a person that dosnt want them 2 download there files, Lie say you downloading :"Need for speed Underground!" Right and its Remot for ever any thing you do its still Remoted!, heres what you need 2 do :

    1.>0 Send a message 2 the person, if They are Blocking Messeges!
    Just get their IP adders and hack there asses and Open a .TXT in their Destop , and start righting Bolshit or scary shit 2 make them let you download there shit!

    2.> or you can just be a Pussy and Go Buy the theam shit!

    Note of the day : Always Hack! :
    guess what......... No!.....
    t:bomb has been planted
    ct: bomb has been defuzed!
    Game: Counter-terrorist wins!
    ----age:18 over cartoon funny pic---------
    1 , 2

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    Easy solution...everyone gets either DSL or cable and then we will all be happy

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