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Thread: Earthstationv

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    I read a bit about this in zeropaid but I'm not sure I understood it...if anyone wants to read about it and quickly summarize it feel free... their website is
    and all info can be found here:

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    annoying beeping on the site, not released yet either

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    read info about it with the other link i provided...

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    I've got a lot of info on ES5, heres the very basic of what i know:
    -All files verified
    -1.5 terabytes on their servers for direct download. The server is made of 12000 Cisco Routers which means fast speeds.
    - Also a ES5 P2P download option depending on file
    - Complete anonymity

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    I believe it when I see it.

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    I'm leaning to their side but i'll be all the way their when i try it out...lets give them the benefit of a doubt at least

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    Originally posted by johnboy@25 February 2003 - 23:11
    I'm leaning to their side but i'll be all the way their when i try it out...lets give them the benefit of a doubt at least
    There are a couple of ridiculous and weird claims made by them that makes me feel something's not right. Until they prove me otherwise (release it so we'll know) then I won't believe anything they've said. Even if they do release it I won't use it. I might try it, but I won't use it more than that. Why? Because I know I'll never get 1Mbyte/s speeds with it. I can get that speed with DC++ and K++.

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    they never mentioned specific speeds...they just said faster speeds...Kazaa is unreliable because it depends on Kazaa users and their upload speeds...a 24/7 server is reliable. All I'm expecting is faster speeds than Kazaa, not 1 MB/s speeds. According to them it should be out this week but then again it could be delayed just like skinzaa (which delayed but didn't mean it was a hoax).
    We'll see

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    Umm, no Kazaa is NOT unreliable. DC++ or any p2p program that only allows downloads from one user per file is unreliable. If a user exits the program your download stops. Since Kazaa allows downloads from more than one user per file it can download from other users to speed up a download if the users you're downloading from don't have as fast an Internet connection as you do.

    I expect slower speeds. I got a 10Mbps connection. Now if you have maybe ADSL you won't notice a thing, but I'm sure I will get slow speeds (ADSL speeds).

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    Um yes it is unreliable... I don't go on Kazaa and get fast speeds all the time. Sometimes I get .64 KB/s and others 100 KB/s....Can i go onto Kazaa and 100% rely that it will provide me 100 KB/s ?? No, I can never know for sure... servers will at least keep the range of speeds very small.

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