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Thread: Emule Help

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    i have brandband connection and even the download from emule is toooooooo slow
    how can i make it faster????????

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    Did You just start using emule? Give it some time leave it on for a day and check tomorrow. Also are You properly configured (check the FAQ).
    Behind a reuter or anything else?
    How many sources are You downloading from?
    Anything else running in the background? ICQ, Kazaa, Shareza?


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    it's toooooo slow to download from it.
    i have windows xp pro
    3gh pros
    512 ram
    nortos sys work 2003

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    What version are you running?

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    Originally posted by maro009@22 December 2003 - 12:15
    i have brandband connection and even the download from emule is toooooooo slow
    how can i make it faster????????
    if you're new make sure you have swapped the download folder to one that has got some dowloaded files in. i.e. "my shared folder" if you're a kazaa/k-lite user

    then you have something to share.

    and yes, as B O T says the longer you leave emule running the better it gets

    one of the most important settings is "upload bandwidth" - the upload graph in Statistics should be for most of the time a nice flat line

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    1) Make sure that you have a High ID

    2) Set your upload speed at least at 10 KB

    3) Patience. Just leave the program running for long periods.

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    Mate as long as you're sharing ok..just leave it.After queuing an hr or two it will start to download pretty good,as everyone on emule has to give decent bandwith too if they want to download.

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    eMule works on a credit/reward system...
    When you first install eMule you are automatically allocated a "Low ID", which means you can only connect to other people with a "Low ID"..Once youve had it running for a bit and uploaded a bit of shit, then your "Low ID" will change to a "High ID" which means you can connect to both "Low ID" & "High ID" users..
    Check out the eMule FAQ page to find other reasons why you may have a "Low ID"

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    Ok you do not get given lowID or highID based on credit. This depends on how well your connection can connect to other clients. If you have incorrectly configured firewalls, routers or lans or blocked ports etc, this will either stop you connecting at all or only give you a lowID. HighIDs are people who can connect with easily. There are occassions when users can only get lowIDs, ie behind uni computer etc.

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