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    so whats goin on??? 30mins still it just a matter of waiting?

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    It depends on the client you are using.

    Some clients tell you only who you are connected to while others tell you who you are connected to as well as how many people overall are connected to the torrent.

    You could be seeing everyone who is connected to the torrent but who you are not directly connected to if that makes sense.

    But usually you will connect and begin transfering after a while. I have been on a torrent for as long as an hour before actually beginning any kind of transfer.

    You may want to check your firewall as well as peergardian if you are using it to see if you are blocking any connections. Just because someone shows up in your client does not mean you can connect to them so see if you are blocking anyone.

    Also try and click on manual announce. Usually under advanced or some such within your client. This will get your client to try and connect to new people.

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