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Thread: Higher The Ul Limit Rather Than Seeding

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    if everyone just higer the ul limit than the file will spread out real fast, it also increas dl speed for everyone, why don we do that, it better than seeding it for 1 day or more

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    I think most people do that already(unless they are straight up leaches, then it doesn't matter because they aren't gonna seed longer anyway). Unless they save a little ul bandwidth for surfing etc. But unless you have a connection that has equal ul/dl bandwidth, you still need to seed longer to give back what you received.

    I am using a proxy right now that causes me to ul more then I dl most of the time, so unless I get a good connection I have ul'd more then I dl'd by the time I am finished with the file. This would be great if my ul bandwidth was faster then 18kb/max

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    cable can keep ul=dl just that it wont go higher than 100, but wonder why it is so, my cable can get up to 320kb/s in kazaa or direct dl from IE, i tink is becuz of the BT is not work too good, like wen i was using the official one, i can adjust the ul or dl rate, but it the dl rate usualy go way higher than ul rate, or with the shadow BT when i try to higher my ul rate to T1 and nobody leeches from me, but it low my dl, i tink they need to improve the conectivity of the BT


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