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Thread: Riaa Lovers Dont Look Here

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    Is it true about new Kazaa Lite v2.60 RC2?

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    Is what true about the new kazza lite?

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    i dont know thats what i am asking people on this forum...

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    Your asking if its true, what are you asking that you want to know is true?

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    Originally posted by Mr X@22 December 2003 - 23:22
    Is it true about new Kazaa Lite v2.60 RC2?
    yes it's true, see the Development Section.
    We're on RC5 now though

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    yea i seen it it, but i dont really know what to do with it, it has some wierd name as well. Plus for even more shit for me i dont know how to download it of irc...

    Also do i need it, i got 2.4.3 and it's still working. Should i update?

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    If you are happy with 2.4.3, then there's no real need to get this new one, as it is still only in the testing stage.

    But you don't have to get 2.6 RC5 from IRC, on the topic there are http links to get it as well.


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