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Thread: Deer Hunter 2004

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    Don't ask me why but for the past week I have had the urge to play this game. I have gone through 24 hours (about 5 kb/sec sppeds ) and 3 downloads from Mirc, however the bots like to shutdown about halfway. This game isn't sought after much, which is why I can't find it on P2P networks. The only thing i Know is that it was cracked by fairlight, in a 30 15 meg files. I don't expect anyone to have it but just in case.

    Thanks. And Happy Holidays!

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    If anyone else is looking for this just some info: The Class rip does not work, and yes I am sure I have the entire thing.

    Edit** I d/led the whole thing again and this time it worked, however I believe I did the exact same steps before . If anyone is looking for this game, :beerchug:



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