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Thread: Avi Playing Upside Down!

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    I just downloaded how to lose a guy in 10 days and it's playing upside down what do i do to fix this what codec do i use or does this have nothing to do with codecs

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    man someone needs to fix this site i pushed sumit topic once and it double posted this has happen twice so far and i noticed other members seem to be doing it more often too

    what the heck my double post just disapeared... well theres still something wrong!!

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    i think u have the bicubic resize filter installed. This is why the avi's are played upside down... just uninstall it and it should work fine.....

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    umm i don't think i do at least i can't find it if it is! heres a least of video codecs on my computer....
    Dvix (DIVF)
    Divx (DIVX)
    Divvc32 (DIV3)
    Divxc32 (DIV4)
    Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V1
    Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2
    Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3
    xvid (XVID)

    Any ideas???

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    ok a little more info that might help figure out the problem....the movie plays fine in WMP but it's upside down in winamp i like winamp better i don't really like useing WMP so does anyone know how i can fix it for winamp

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    can anyone help

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    I burned LOTR vcd but when I play it on my dvd player its upside down

    Anyone know whats wrong?

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    I got the same result yesterday burning the first disk of The Ring through Nero.....Never come across this before, Any ideas????

    Gonna try encoding throguh TMPGenc when all me downloads have finished.


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    seems like no one know??? well owell i guess i'll use WMP to play them

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    Manged to encode my film with TMPGenc then burn through Nero, worked fine then.

    Dunno if maybe u could try the same, it may help.



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