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Thread: Will Newsgroups Be The Next Target As A

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    I am just wondering if the ruling against RIAA's method of getting info from isp's will result in riaa/mpaa going after newsgroups now.

    The ruling said that they could not hold the isp's responsible because they do not hold the copywrited material on their servers.

    But unless I am understanding newsgropus wrong, that is exactly where the info is stored. Is this gonna make them the next target?

    If so, will people using them get warnings? Or will there info just be given out?

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    not downloading, unless riaa/mpaa host this file (intrapment?)
    they might go for the people posting, but they have been around since the dawn of 12 baud and even before

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    And newsgroups are never going to become as popular as any of the other file shareing methods

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    There is talk of supposed pressure that may be put on the ISP's to filter them...


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