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Thread: Screensavers Themes

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    hi i tring to find a program that has a lot of themes os screensavers for windows 2000 i downloaded windowblinds but no themes or screensavers maybe i did it wrong or didnt look in the right place or maybe someone didnt know what they were talking about in another post i read thanks for the help im tried of looking at pipes and stars lol

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    Are you wanting to 'skin', ie. change the appearance of the Windows 2000 shell (task bar, start menu...), or are you simply wanting a screensaver?

    If yes to the former, then Windows blinds is what you need. If not, screensavers are very easy to get your hands on, although many contain adware. The most commonly used wallpaper/ screensaver is called Webshots, and is free and perfectly safe to install.

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    thanks i give it a try. themes is the only thing i miss about windows me


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