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Thread: Logitech Mx500 Optical Mouse

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    i just got one of these mice for christmas and for whatever stupid reason it doesnt want to work properly on my mousepad, i experimented with a few things and found that if i took a piece of printer paper and put on top of my mousepad it works perfectly. soon as i take the paper out from under it, it goes back to acting crazy.

    has anyone else experienced this?

    overall though the mouse is nice!! the buttons make some tasks so much easier!!

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    If its an optical mouse, which i think it is you have to be careful on what surfaces you put it on, which im sure it says somewhere in the two page manual that comes with it. Repeating surfaces, or reflective surfaces, such as glass, or some shiny mouse pads, like a NAVY one I have will fool the eye in the mouse to thinking that it is going over the same surface, which in terms will give false mouse movements on the screen.

    A mere piece of printer paper is usually good enough to work with a optical mouse, because of the inconsistency in the paper itself.


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