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Thread: Corrupt Cue (i Think)

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    guys, i've got this neverwinter nights - hordes of the underdark and i realised the cue file is somewhat corrupted

    the content of the cue looks normal...
      TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
    still it wouldn't load into alcohol 120% just like every other cd image i got.

    luckily, i got isobuster to find out that the bin file is intact
    so, how do i repair the cue file so that i can burn the whole thing into a cd? thx

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    u dont need the cue...

    in 120%...

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    TheFilePirater, i've been looking for that dialog on my alcohol 120% (man, was that hard to find ) and i've switched the files of type.

    i tried double-clicking the bin file but "surprise surprise", the stubborn alcohol would still try to use my cue file to load the bin file. so, i just delete the cue file and try again, finally it works....thx a lot!

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all


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