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Thread: Dvd Rip Speed?

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    Ive got this unit and for some reason it rips at only 2x i've got one of the 1st ever DVD drives and its is faster then RW i was wondering if any1 has got a soloution to this???

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    Is it all of them mate?..Because some dvds do rip slowly.

    Nice sig mate.

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    Cheers,Yeah every1 -r and original!!

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    What are you ripping with mate...have you tried dvddecrypter?

    Have you installed any aspi layers.

    You could also tri a firmware update mate.

    Also a good site ,you could try there forum

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    Are you using Windows XP?, because 98/me rip slower. Plus you need to check if you have ASPI drivers installed.

    Most importantly whats the speed of your drive? if its old then it will be slower.

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    from the forum:
    Im runing Windows Xp Professional Corporate Edition //Up_to_date w/SP1 ect..

    I have a Sony Dru-510a //Firmware Upgrade 1.0D. And this one program called DSS (Drive Speed Selector) // Sony software that allows you to optimize the read/write speed of your DRU-510A and DRX-510UL

    No hacked or special firmware....DSS mode is set to "OverDrive"

    sounds like you might need to get that Drive Speed Selector program from Sony.


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