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Thread: Wierd Verizon Dsl Issue

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    about 6 months ago, we ordered verizon DSL

    a month later, we disconnected

    but they never asked for a modem return or a termination fee (my dad was dumb enuf to throw away the modem later )

    they stopped billing us for the DSL too

    now, i got curious and wanted to order dsl again, so i typed in my fone #, just to see that verizon still thinks we have DSL

    should i take advantage of this and get another modem? u think theyll start charging me for it?

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    The ISP that I worked for never really removed accounts, just suspended them up too a year. So the customer would still show if I need to pull up thier information, and to reactivate is a click of a button. If you do try and reactivate 10:1 they are gonna want to know where that modem is.

    Beleive it or not ISP's usually know what is going on, as much as it seems they don't.

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    They will tell you when you try to order you get a page shown deliquent (just a guess though.)Try it and see and post afterwards..

    Edit>>>And a big corporation like verizion is not gonna forget about it for at least 3 years problably.


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