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Thread: Best Dvd Writing Program

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    I'm a newbie to copying DVD's and i was wonderin which is the Program to use at the moment im using CloneDVD or RecordNow DX depends wot mood im in lol and using AnyDvD to get past the protection.Are these Programs good enuff or is there better?????

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    The best prog. for ripping I think is DVDDecryptor. The most popular for burning is nero, but my friend prefers the one you're using (recordnow) over nero, he says its more reliable.

    As for the in-between process (shrinking) i use DVD2ONE, its one of the first (if not the first) to be able to reduce the size of the dvd so it can fit onto one DVD-R disk in only 20 mins or so. The newer version offers dvd joining features, so you can put two dvd's on one disk without lossing any noticeable quality (upto 3 hours or so of video).


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