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    Any one know of a good video splitter which is freeware and with no spyware? because when i download full movies i cant fit it all on to a disk when i trt to transfer it on a vcd.
    can anyone help

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    Best program :virtualdub <<allows exact preview of frame where you
    want to cut;lots of options so needs getting used to.
    For &#39;quicky&#39; I use avichop (=also freeware)
    cannot find URL but googlesearch or search on
    will work.

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    I found the links :
    Avichop : Avichop (8.7KB&#33;&#33
    Virtualdub: Virtualdub (717KB)

    n.b. always consider chopping of the endtitling.

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    If you really want to keep the quality, search google, for "splitting movie files" and look for DVtool...its amazing
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    Thanks i will try them both and see which i like best


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