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Thread: Problem Connecting To Tracker

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    Everytime, or just about everytime i try to download something off of suprnova now, i get an error that says "problem connecting to tracker". anyone know what this is or what i can do about it? it was happening every once and awhile but now it is almost everytime. im using shadow but i just downloaded the new "update" that was popping up everytime i went to suprnova to see if that helped and it didnt. is there something i need to download. Thanks

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    Either wait because the tracker went down for a bit or that tracker may not exist anymore if you're trying to d/l old stuff.

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    NNels112, you said you "downloaded the new 'update' that was popping up at suprnova". You better look at the pinned topic by random nut about Bittorrent Spyware.


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