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    Kazaa Kontrol Leech Killer is a Kazaa utility that will check each person in your download que. It will check to see if they are sharing files and if they are not sharing then a message will be sent to them saying,"You must share to download from this person" and then their download is canceled. If enough people use Kazaa Kontrol then more people will share... which means faster downloads and more files for everyone!!! Kazaa Kontrol also has Mega Search and SuperNode Hop Functions!!

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    sounds like a good idea to me. Pity i havent got anything to purchase online stuff with... I agree with the ethics behind the program and I dont mind transferring files to people, ive got about 28 in total but if they dont share in return then why use up bandwidth??

    if this program really does what it says then everyone on the network should use it.. But then for $3 does it really matter if it doesnt


    [btw {I}{K}{E} - nice job in copying the text straight off the webpage and posting it on here ]

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    found it on kazaa

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    In other places on this forum there are a lot of critics of kazaa kontrol.
    They say that it doesn't work like it should.
    It also cancels the uploads from people who do share ( a lot )
    For that reason I decided not to use it

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    Another reason not to use it is that the author, who hates leechers, also is selling a program that is used by spammers to spam the FastTrack network. His site should be blocked in the HOSTS file.

    A spammer who hates leechers... That's a sentence I thought I'd never read.

    So boycott his KazaaKontrol program which isn't even working.

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    I second that random nut. The KazaaKontrol software doesn't work! I cuts off people that are sharing and after disconnection they just reconnect and get cut off again over and over again. A waste of resources and bandwidth.

    I wonder when someone else will make something that works?


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