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Thread: Dvd X Copy

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    I just downloaded Dvd X Copy Platinum. When I go to run it it is looking for Password and License ID. I don't have one. Could I please have some help? Thank you!

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    If this was a stupid question please let me know and if nothing can be done could someone also let me know so I don't waist any more of your and my time. Thanks

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    Thanks for the tip. I read the read me file and did what it said but when I put in the phone password I get invalid password. I even set my cpu time to 2001 also tried 2002 same thing. Any mor input? Thanks

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    I have the cracks for this if you want just pm me.

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    What do you do after you download the crack? I also have downloaded DVD X Copy, found a keygen, put in the numbers and it says invalid activation code. Any help?


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