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Thread: Roflmfao Glitch In Ut2003

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    u ever play an online game of ut2003, with the latest version of direct X(9.0b), just for it to crash with an error saying "you may have triggered a bug in direct x 8.1b"

    well, heres why

    i tried this on an instant action game, and on an online game

    online, it gives u the error

    offline, it gives you this:

    now, r u supposed to be falling forever outside the boundaries of a map like that?

    FUCK NO!!!

    gr8, now that weve established that much, let me tell u how this bug came into being (or how it can be triggered + prevented)

    how to trigger:
    go to an outer edge (must be a vertex) of an indoorsy-type level (with no outside portions. i.e. BR-Anubis, DM-trainingday, and DM-icetomb [in image] are good. DM-phobos2 and DM-plunge are bad) and have someone blast you with a flak cannon. if all goes well and he blasted you accurately enuf, u should go flying out of the stadium/get the error

    how to prevent:
    1) switch to the open-gl engine (info should be provided on the ut2003 website)
    2) wait til the new v. of dX which will hopefully have a fix

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    Strange. Report it to Epic and they should fix it soon enough.


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