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Thread: Does It Exists?

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    hi, i'm looking for a software that can hide my folders from prying eyes

    i've tried hide folder xp, folder guard and etc, but they don't seem to fit to my requirements. do u guys know of any single software that can do the following:

    1) hide folder, files or both
    2) bar access to them even if they're visible (no encryption plz), unless proper permission is given

    hope u guys can help me...thx

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    Who do you wanna hide stuff from?Other uses or what?Elaborate a bit more.

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    i do two things when it comes to hiding files...

    1.) in the properties of the file/folder, click hidden, then hit apply-the file/folder can only be seen if "view hidden file" is turned on in file options

    2.) place em in a weird directory, instead of "c:/my shared folder" do "c:/windows/root/files/class"

    3.) (if u really want to get into it) then rename ur stuff to accroynms like...dumb and dumber is D&D

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    with ntfs, there's nothing to it, as long as you're an administrator.

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    ntfs....hmm, i think i'll try dat

    just trying to prevent certain ppl from messing with my current downloads only. imagine having to see ur 78% out of 1.3 gig download go missing the next day

    thx anyway for de ideas

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all


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