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Thread: Red X When Searching In K-lite

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    hi wehen i search for a file(audio/video or sftw.) i get files with red x's on them i never had this prop befor not with K-lite (only back in the old days wehen i used origenal Kazaa) and i'v alwasys been behind a firewaal. it started 2 days ago and i havent changed any thing on my pyter. can anyone help me?

    thnx in advance

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    I think you can use a program called KaNAT to solve this, so try and search for it.

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    To get rid of them, go to 'options > kazaa lite K++ options > filter tab > check 'filter files I cannot download due to firewall''

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    if you have a router then without kanat you can't download from other people behind a router and thus they are red xs

    Mik3ll told you how to set options so you wont see them anymore but that does not mean you can download from them

    the red xs have to do with sourced being behind firewall or router and not you but like i said if you are behind a router kanat will help


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