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Thread: Ripping A Dvd

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    I want to rip a dvd to my hard drive can i use nero or do i need to dvdxcopy or a program related to that.I just did it about 2 weeks ago but my mind is blank today and i forgot what i used.And i also rember whatever i used ripped to my hardrive as VIDEO_TS so i can only play it on my computer now.I want something to rip it so i can burn it to a dvd later.(these are rented ones that's why i want to ripp them and share them.)

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    DVD Decrypter

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    Which do you suggest i just tried that stupid dvdxcopy again and sure as shit it ripped again to video_ts. So once again i have worthless dvd rip. why does this stupid program do this.The only movie that i ripped with that actually ripped to the right format was 15 minutes.

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    Both DVD Decrypter and SmartRipper are good. I use both because every now and then one will fail while the other will succeed. Goto and and read thier ripping guides. You can also DL the programs there. BTW, are you ripping to create a encode job or are you ripping to to make a DVD backup?

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    I am having the same problem. What format do I want to do so it can be played in a dvd player and how do I do it. I used dvd x copy platinum simple burn. Put rented dvd in step one put blank dvd in step two. Now my cpu dvd player wont even play it. This was my first burn I don't want a bunch of coasters. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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    i have just got a burner so have limited experience but i recomend dvdshrink this rips and compresses a dvd to whatever size you want(4.7GB), you can also re-author the dvd here(get rid of unwanted film and audio), this will save a bunch of .vob files to your hard drive and some other stuff. then you use a program called IMGTool which creates an image of a dvd from the .vob files, when thats done your ready to burn. i think i used dvddecrypt for this but have just got nero 6 which has an image burner so that should do it as well. i ripped pirates of the caribbean using this method and it took about 40 minutes. hope this helps, although would be interested in hearing if anyone else knows a faster way.

    i should just say that the above programs and very good user guides are available at DOOM9


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