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Thread: P2p Networking

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    I originally had Kazaa and removed that when I installed Klite. One of the packages Kazaa left behind is a program called P2P Networking which I cannot seem to remove. When I try to remove it, I get an error message telling me I don't have admin rights. If this program is harmless, I'll leave it. Does anyone know anything about this? Does Klite need it to function? :helpsmile:

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    Klite doesn't need it.

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    Make sure it's not loaded in your start up menu (start/run/msconfig/startup ).If it is uncheck it and restart your computer then try deleting it. :music1:

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    I thought P2P Networking is spyware
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    Download ad-aware 6.0, webupdate it, scan it. Result

    Download CWshredder, webupdate it, scan it. Result

    After the 2 scans, restart and tell the report.
    Good luck and have fun .

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    P2P Networking is spyware and should be deleted (or better: never be installed in the 1st place).
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