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Thread: Kotor Exe

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    I've used the search function and found one other thread on this but it didn't answer my question.
    What do i rename
    Star Wars Knights Of the Old Republic (Part1) (1).exe
    to???. :helpsmile:

    I have tried all the formats i know to no avail and it would be really great if someone could tell me what forat it really is .

    Thanx in advance for any replies.

    *p.s. ohh God plz dont let it be a junk file, on 56K that would really Piss me off *

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    OHh yeah i forgot to mention that i also tried a Hex Editor on the file and got nowhere, it had AVI mentioned in there but i tried that and it wasn't an AVI file.

    *EDIT* I also ran Norton Anti-Virus with the latest definitions thorugh it and no virus was found.

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    sounds more like a @@@@ file or just a fake.

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    have you tried extrcting it with winrar or winiso??

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    Originally posted by wenze1@25 December 2003 - 05:20
    sounds more like a @@@@ file or just a fake.
    whats a @@@@ file??.
    And yes i tried winISO and WinRAR.


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