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Thread: Checking For Corruption...

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    Ok, I've downloaded Windows XP Pro Corporate Final, because I'm on 56K I've had to pause and resume it a couple of times, I'm afraid some of the files might have gotten corrputed because of the frequent pause then resume routine. Am I just being paranoid, or not? And if its possible, is there a way for me to check for file corruption without having to install it?


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    winrar has a 'test archive' feature, depends on what format you're d/lding
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    you want cdmage, it check and fixes bin's/cue's

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    If they are not too screwed up i had to download office 2003 3 times to get a working copy.Winrar couldn't repair it.And i,m on a 2mb download so i think i downloaded it too fast or something.

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    winrar never repairs shit, at least I never had any luck with it

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    How very true...


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