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Thread: Khao San Rd

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    best place in the world?

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    dont get it?
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    Khao San Rd - Banglumpu - Thailland

    Backpackers heaven (I am on the the lonley planet thorn tree yeah?)

    Best place on earth

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    Tok-tok is famous in Thailand.

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    I went to Thailand as a kid, I cant remember what the market was called, but theres this massive market in Bangkok. Its full of stalls selling pirated gams and movies, music etc. and cheap clothes
    Hell thats where I bought all my ps 1 games and pc games from about age 7-13

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    Weirdest Street In The World - it should demand itself as its own Nation - it is a place in the middle of nowhere
    Well - its somewhere in between Thailand and Hollywood

    Wake up eat some thai food while watching the latest hollywood movie and emailing to your buddies before getting ripped off by some travel agent.


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