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Thread: Something Went Wrong And I Need Help Quick

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    ok i was trying to install a new login theme but i think i put the wrong file under logonui.exe and now it won't go to the logon screen and it just restarts my computer and now i can't get into my computer I even tried get on through safe mode and it just won't get on since it's probably the wrong logon file. I backed up the old logonui file. Anyway i can get through it or get the old logon screen back so i can get back onto my computer

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    eh, do you kno how ur HDD is formatted like fat32 or nfts?

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    how about logging in back with safe mode with command prompt only and then changing it?
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    Or boot from CD with repair option/command prompt

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    you apparantly installed a boot screen that wasn&#39;t for the proper OS (XPsp1/XP woSP1)

    I fixed this once by booting off the XP disc to recovery console & just fixmbr

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