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Thread: Dial Up Disconnecting While Using Klite

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    Maybe someone can shed some light on this particular frustration of mine.While I'm downloading files off of Klite I am constantly being disconnected from my dial up.Like say for instance right now I'm trying to download Mall Tycoon.Every %$#@! 5 megs or so my dial up suddenly disconnects.This does not ever happen while downloading files from some website server,only while downloading kazaa files. .I can eventually get the file from kazaa,but only if I'm on top of it reconnecting every 15 minutes.Can someone tell me what this might be?

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    make sure you got the right settings for download/upload in the wizzard

    also make sure you don't use unlimited for upload

    run adaware to make sure your pc is clean and don't have too many downlaods at the same time


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