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    I was downloading Chintown and Papillon (both are from the 70s). One is 78% and the other is 93% done. After 2 days non-stop trying to resume downloading, today i found both files are totally gone from suprnova.

    Is there any chance that these files might show up again one day? Or is there any possibilty that the same file is tracked in other sites than suprnova?? DOes requesting in Suprnova forum help??

    By trying reconnecting for 2 days i assume suprnova is updated after every 2 days. am i right?
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    Yes, request a reseed of the file.
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    I have found torrents with this that have disappeared.
    But if you're worried about having to find the torrent hyperlink again, I suggest you try a different client. For exampple, TorrentStorm holds the torrent information until you tell it to remove it.
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