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Thread: All Dowloads Restricted To 2 Users/sources.

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    Iíve searched around the net and found that many other people have this exact same problem, but no working fix has been offered as yet so Iíll sum everything up.

    - Downloads will not go above 2 sources/users no matter how many sources/users the file in question lists in the search window. Itís not a problem of rare files. Iíve tried dozens and dozens of files with 300+ sources. No matter what, each file can only connect to 2 users max.

    - The Ďmax sources per fileí option has no effect no matter how high itís set. Even if it is set to Ď1í all the downloads will still be trying for 2 sources.

    - Iíve fiddled with kazupernodes until Iím blue in the face. No change.

    - Download speeds are fine if one of the 2 sources happens to have good upload capacity. But if the 2 users it happens to chose have slow uploads, itís stuck on very low kbís for however long their connected.

    - I think this problem began since installing 2.4.3. Reverting back to 2.4.1 has no effect.

    Personally Iím running XP, cable modem. Firewall or no firewall (programs or routers) makes no difference.

    I think itís a problem with the Ďmax sources per fileí setting. Itís strange that it has no effect when raised or even lowered past 2. Some old 2 users on every file, no matter what. Iíve fiddled with all the obvious options. Nothing works. Iím totally stumped.

    Anyone with the same problem have anything to add that Iíve left out? Anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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    this problem has nothing to do with klite version or klite itself

    do this:

    please do a test,search for van halen?s right now and wait untill you get 30 or more sources and then pick for download and tell me what you get make sure your traffic is paused or clean

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    Musleman -

    Interesting results with your suggestion. With all my traffic paused or clean to sources for the mp3 file (300+ sources) did in fact jump over 2. 10+ in fact. However, when I initiated a second download (200+) sources, that second download would not go above 2 sources.

    I moved on to large video files (each with at least 50 sources) so I could carry out some continuous testing. As soon as more than two downloads are active at the same time, the same '2 sources max' problem occurs again. This never used to be the case before. I would have, for instance, 15 video files in my download traffic (and some uploading) and several of my downloads would be getting at least 5+ sources simultaneously.

    It's very frustrating trying to download several 700mb files under the current conditions.

    Could it be some kind of cap on my connection (cable) implemented by my isp? Or is this normal with the new versions?

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    yes it could be a cap or something with your isp or connection, for now jsut downlaod one at a time speed is better, make sure you got the right setting for your net speed on klite and don'e use max upload in options

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    I've got the same problem here.

    Hoping for some advice


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