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Thread: Installing Xp After Erasing Entire Drive

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    I have had a loss of an encrypted drive. I would like to erase all data with killdisk 2.0 from my main hard drive.

    This will erase all data from both partitions on this drive, including the boot partition. If I do this and turn off the power and reboot with XP pro disk, will it install XP? Or will I have erased whatever is needed to install on the drive?

    Right now, the drive is in 2 partitions. One small partition with XP installed and 1 large partition that was encrypted. I would like to remove the partition and erase the whole thing and start again. But would like to erase with this program first.


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    you can boot to the XP disc and run setup.
    or, if your CD isn't bootable, use a 98 bootdisk.
    Have your XP cd inserted, and when the bootdisk brings you to A:>
    do Eorwhatever your CD drive letter is..)\i386\setup.exe

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    Ok, thanks.

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